“Burp-Up” Circuit

“Burp-Up” Circuit


Date 04/10/19


Location: Stingray


QIC: Bam Bam


# of PAX: 25


PAX: Baby back, AED, baby daddy, Cannoli, OTC, Frosty Pupil, Davey, Sparky, 10 count, Double Check, Johnny Gage, Snickers, Magnito, Barnacle, Blue Grass, Pledge, Bogey, Snail Mail, Flounder, Knuckle-Puck, Spin Doctor, EOM, Wapner, Waterboy, Bam Bam




  • Side Straddle Hop – 30 IC
  • Hillbillies – 30 IC
  • Imperial Walkers – 30 IC




  • Mosey to the Pavilion to begin a run around the pond, with 4 stops containing below exercises:
  • Pavilion
    • 5 Derkins
    • 10 Chuck Norris Merkins
    • 15 “Burp-Ups” (A “Burp-Up” is my daughter’s take on a Burpee; Essentially a Burpee with a hand-release Merkin)
  • Rock Pile
    • 5 Lunges (each leg) with heavy coupon
    • 10 Lion Kings with heavy coupon
    • 15 “Burp-Ups”
  • Maintenance Building
    • 5 Donkey Kicks
    • 10 Balls to the Wall Shoulder Tap (Double Count)
    • 15 “Burp-Ups
  • Pull-Up Bars
    • 5 Pull-Ups
    • 10 Upright Rows
    • 15 “Burp-Ups”


  • Mary while waiting on the 6. At my behest, Mary consisted of exercises with minimal flexion of the C-spine (so no LBCs, Freddie Mercury’s, etc.)
  • Mosey to the Pavilion for partner DORA; Partner B completes parking lot run while partner A completes below exercises)
    • 100 “Burp-Ups”
    • 200 Incline Diamond Merkins
    • 300 Bobby Hurley’s
  • OOT



  • Count-orama
  • Name-orama
  • Announcements –
    • F3 Topsail – Soft Launch May 11th, Hard Launch May 18th
      • Looking for HIMS to commit to help launch the next addition to the AOs (See Spin Doctor for more details)
    • Requesting HIMs to assist with College Acres Baptist Church Easter Egg Hunt setup Saturday morning 8 am, give or take. Reach out to Sparky if available.
    • Marathon Ruck May 4th– Registration on Slack!
  • Prayer Requests
    • Prayers for Double Check. Prayers he is successful in his court proceedings and his tenants land on solid ground.
    • Prayers to Spin Doctor in his continued pursuit of quality employ. 2 for 2 and one left to go this weekend.
  • Thank you, gentlemen, for allowing me the opportunity to lead today. It was and is an honor.  Bam Bam out.


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