Tombstone’s TOAR Day #9

When: 04-10-2019 Tombstone’s TOAR Day #9

Location: Battleground

QIC: Tombstone

The Pax: Special K, Kramer, Sunshine, Moab (Respect), Stouffers, The Real Franks, The Adjuster, Donut

Warm UP

  • 25x Side Saddle Hops IC
  • 20x Cotton Pickers IC
  • Cotton Picker position, stretching to the left, right, and middle.

The Thang

  • We’re going to run the parking lot in a figure eight loop approximately with a workout stop in the middle. This is a partner workout with one partner running the loop and the other performing as many reps as possible until their partner returns.

Set 1 = .30-mile Run.   Monkey Humpers

Set 2 = .30-mile Run.   Crunchy Frogs

Set 3 = .30-mile Run.   Carolina Dry Docks

After completing the 3rd exercise we recover for one minute.  Let’s do some more….

Set 4 = .30-mile Run.   Copperhead Squats

Set 5 = .30-mile Run.   Flutter Kicks

Set 6 = .30-mile Run.   Merkins

After completing the 6th exercise we recover for one minute.  Let’s do some more.  We’re running out of time.  Let’s modify and finish strong.

Set 7 = .15-mile Run.   LBCs

Set 8 = .15-mile Run.   Plank



  • Soft Launch of F3 Topsail will be May 11th and Hard Launch will be May 18th at Hampstead’s Kiwanis Park.
  • Stouffers took us out leading the prayer. Prayers for Donut’s friend Dan’s family as he recently passed away. Thank you to gentlemen for helping me get stronger and learning to lead the way.


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