Monster Factory Park Tour

When: 4/9/19

Location: Monster Factory (Ogden Park)

QIC: Bogey

Pax: Barnacle, Sparky, EOM, Flounder, SnailMail, Waterboy, Dino, Knucklepuck, Babyback, OTC, Davey, DragCougar, Morpheus, Magneto, Etch-a-sketch, 10 Count, Gravity

Warm up:
Seal claps x 25, Moroccan night club x 25, Cotton Pickers x 15
Indian run to pull-up bars

The Thang: All exercises done oyo then hold plank until all pax finished.

Pull ups x 50, merkins x 50

Mosey to picnic shelter – 50 derkins, 50 box jumps

Mosey to coupon pile for 50 chest press, 50 lion king

Mosey to next picnic shelter for 50 LBCs, 50 Heels to Heaven (double count)

Mosey some more, Balls to wall 50 count x 2

Mosey to last picnic shelter for 50 military sit-up, 50 crunchy frogs

As time expired, mosey to the forgotten Basketball court for touch-and-go burpess followed by a jailbreak to the FLAG

COT: Prayers of thanksgiving for the impact F3 is making on our community with the parade presence being one example and Sparky’s upcoming church service activities being another.  Prayers for a speedy recovery for Davey’s wife.  No pax were left behind and all got stronger!


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