April Flowers

AO: Stingray
13 PAX

PAX: LETC, Waterboy, Wapner, SpinDoctor, 10 Count, BTP, Venus, Sparky, Mathlete, Bogey, EOM, Snailmail, OTC

SSH x 40

Cotton Picker x 30

*Good morning Venus

Imperial Walker x 30

Mosey to skate park parking lot

Bear crawl patty cake: 5 Superman merkins, bear crawl to meet you partner in the middle, high five each hand, crawl bear back to curb. Rinse and repeat x 10 AMRAP (Q called it at 7:30, smoked!)

Partner one: 100 Carolina Dry Dock, 200 Bobby Hurley, 300 double count LBC (2×300 cause that’s how YHC counts them)
Partner two: run to dark end of parking lot and do 5 burpees

Mosey to Tennis court

Agassi: suicide on tennis court (sprint out and back four times increasing distance), 5 burpees, rinse and repeat until time is called, YHC got three rounds in

Mosey back to the flag

Flutter kicks IC for last minute


Prayers for Bogey’s friend
SpinDoctor’s interviews coming up
Fort fisher ruck 5/4
Spartan race in Fayetteville 6/1 and 6/2

So sorry this is late, always a pleasure Gentlemen

OTC out


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