SOL 46 Burpee BDay VQ Beatdown

4/5/2019 My BDay VQ:
Warmarama: SSH x 20, Windmills x 15, Seal Claps x 20, Merkins IC x 20
Indian Run cluster around Goose Poop Island stop at stop. 
The Thang: Speed bump escalator: 5 Burpees, 10 American Hammers, 20 Squats, 30 Merkins. 
4 Corners: 10 Burpkins, 46 Squat kicks (23 per leg), 46 Dips, 46 step ups (23 per leg).  X 1
Dora: 100 Carolina drydocks, 200 Bobby Hurley’s, 300 Freddie Mercury’s (as much as time allowed anyways)
Mary: IC LBCs x 30, flutter kicks x 20, 11 burpees to complete the 46 Burpees for 46 years plus 1 to grow on. 
Welcome FNGs: Pole Dancer, Flytrap, Pothead, and Square Foot
PAX: Dino, Milkman, Happy, Sooner, Jiffy Pop, Baby Back, FNG Pole Dancer, Hagar, Niles, Trump, Zoro, Wreck-It Ralph, Parrot Head, Guilt Trip, Dixie Chic, 8 Penny, Bonespur, Snap On, OverBite, Seahorse, Tom Sawyer, Mayham, FNG Pothead, Busted Grill, Flight Nurse, The Adjuster, South By Southwest, Uglystick, Gravity, FNG Square Foot, Pony Express, Tiny Dancer, FNG Flytrap, Nancy Pants, and YHC SOL. 
COT: Announcements about parade, Ruck event, prayers to Milkman to be an honorable HIM on his first date tomorrow night with your daughter. Seize the Day HIMs!


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