Dozen – Love

Date: 4-3-19


AO- Breakpoint at Empie park

Pax: Beauty, Busted Grill, Gravity, Gum Tree, Happy, Milkman, Niles, Sparky, Spin Dr, Sooner, and Ugly Stik

YHC VQ at Breakpoint.  Let’s see if we can find a beatdown.


SSH IC x 51

Cotton pickers IC x 20

Imperial walkers IC x 30

Indian Run the long way through the gloom to tennis court parking lot.

The Thang-  

Teams of 3 for pickle.  For Cumulative count exercises.   

Partner 1 – 100 deadstop merkins, 200 flutter kicks, 300 LBCs.

Partner 2 – 100 squats, 200 hello dollys, 300 Mtn climbers.

Partner 3 runs to partner 1 takes over exercise.  Partner 1 runs to Partner 2, etc.

Mosey to shelter.

20 step ups.

20 dips.

10 incline merkins.

Rotate to 3:00.  10 merkins

Rotate to 6:00. 10 derkins

Rotate to 9:00 10 merkins.

Mosey to flag.

Everyone got a turn at Mary (except Venus and Beauty).  Sorry men.

No time for Mary.

CoT – Prayers for my good friend Stuart Smith as he recovers from open heart surgery.  Prayers for Spin Dr in his career search.  Prayers for Milkman and his DL test.  Several other prayers offered that YHC does not remember, but thankfully God does.  Prayers for Holy Crepes this am as Crepe Face is donating proceeds to F3CapeFear effort to purchase a chariot for Ansley’s Angels.

Mole Skin- The Turtles of Cool Runnings made a cameo appearance during the Thang.  That added a lot of extra juice to the morning.  The fellowships and bonds built in the gloom are really special pax.  Don’t ever forget it or take it for granted.  Another reason to keep EHing the sad clowns.  And thanks for saying my workouts are “actually difficult.”  Not sure what to make of that?  A compliment or a veiled jab at the Respect? Compliment for sure.  If you’re going to get up at O dark 30 to get stronger, let’s do something to get stronger, Aye?

Thanks for the opportunity.  Thanks for pushing me.  It was an honor and a privilege.  

LETC out


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