Bear Crawl and Crab Walk


AO: Screaming Eagle


PAX: Franks, Moab, Vanilla, Hoosier Daddy, CrepeFace, Crosswalk, Stouffers, Flamer, Crockett, and Sunshine

Warm up: 30 Seal Claps, 20 Moroccan night clubs, and 20 cotton pickers

The Thang: The workout plan came to life while sitting in car pool line at Murray Middle.

We moseyed through the parking lots over to Murray Middle. We assembled at the orange traffic cones that lined the middle of the parking lot.

We bear crawled the 1st nine cones, stopping at each cone to do 5 merkins each. When we arrived at the median, we lunged around the circle and did 50 squats. We went to the 2nd median and lunged around it before moving on to the next six cones. We crab walked the next six cones, stopping to do 10 LBC’s at each. When everyone finished, we moseyed over to the pull up bars.

At the pull up bars, we did 3 rounds of the following exercises: 5 pull ups, 10 dips, and 20 (4 count) American Hammers. After some strong work we moseyed over to the speed bumps.

At the 1st speed bump we did one burpee, 2nd speed bump-2 burpees, and continued to increase until we reached the 5th speed bump. Then we moseyed back to the flag.


Strong work by everyone today. Thanks for coming out.

Flamer just keeps going, praying someone can do something for your reflux one day.

F3 has a spot in the azalea festival parade. If you can be a part of it, be downtown at the corner of 4th and Orange street at 8:30 Saturday morning. Look for the F3 trailer.

See you soon,



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