Tombstone’s TOAR Day #1

When: 04-01-2019 Tombstone’s TOAR Day #1

Location: Monster Factory

QIC: Tombstone

The Pax: EOM, Waterboy, Magnito, OTC, Pledge, Offering Plate, 10 Count, Footy, Barnacle, Babyback, Spindoctor, Davey (FNG), Snail Mail

Warm UP

  • 25x Side Saddle Hops IC
  • 20x Cotton Pickers IC
  • Cotton Picker position, stretching to the left, right, and middle.

The Thang

  • Let’s Mosey to the parking lot next to the Skate Park…
  • Partner Workout…

1 Partner runs to end of parking lot completes 5 Burpees and runs back while partner works on reps taking turns.

Set 1 = 300 Squats, 200 American Hammers, 100 Merkins

Set 2 = 150 Bobby Hurleys, 100 LBCs, 50 Diamond Merkins

Those that finished first continued doing extra reps until all pairs were complete.  We grabbed the Six.

  • Let’s Mosey to finish it out….

We start a Scout Run.  This is a single file column slow Mosey where the lead runner “scouts” ahead with a sprint to the next pole or for a set amount of time and then circles back behind the Six.  Rinse and Repeat so runners finish together and no one is left behind.


  • Prayers for Pledge on his new endeavors.
  • Soft Launch of F3 Topsail will be May 11th and Hard Launch will be May 18th at Hampstead’s Kiwanis Park.

Thank you to gentlemen for helping me get stronger and learning to lead the way.


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