Gravity’s Name Day Q

Gravity’s Name Day – 2 years and counting

Date: Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Weather: cool, crisp and clear
# of Pax: 14
Pax: Morpheus, Gum Tree, Beauty, Dixie Chick, Wreck-it-Ralph, Mayhem, Blue Steel, SOL, Magnito, Pony Express, Fire Marshall Bill, Nancy Pants, Zoro & Gravity.
Q: Gravity

Mission, credo, intro & disclaimer.

Warm-o-Rama – a POAS warmup.
Follow me. We mosey NE around the island down to the other entrance. SSH x 10 IC, then we did 19 SSH IC, but finished them in silence after we did 5 in cadence.
Follow me. We mosey 3 speed bumps, Cotton Pickers x 15 IC.
Follow me. Mosey to 2 more speed bumps, Imperial Walker x 20 IC
Follow me. Mosey 2 more speed bumps, Merkins x 10 IC
Follow me. Mosey to the last speed bump before the pull up bars. 3 burpees OYO, Jail Break to pull up bars.

Pull Up Circuit:
Partner up –
5 partner assisted hang & hold pull ups. 3 count hang, pull up, hold for a 3 count
10 merkins with partner in a high plank and feet on your back (weighted merkins)
20 partner assisted sit ups.
2 rounds
Mary on the 6
One more round but only
7 partner assisted hang & hold pull ups
10 partner weighted merkins.

Follow me. Along back path, stop for Wide Grip merkins x 10 in cadence.
Follow me. Stop for squats x 10 IC
Follow me. Stop to lunge walk to the tennis courts (minimum 10 per leg).

Tennis Courts: Burpee Brigade practice for the parade

Follow me. Mosey to the lower parking lot.
6s – like 11s, but we only have time for 6s.
After everyone completes 3 burpees, the group splits to start at different parts of the wall.

On the low wall, baby makers (glute bridge) with your feet on top of the wall.
On the high wall, reverse, laces on the wall, fold at the knee and complete extensions.

Jail Break to AO.

Heels to Heaven x 20 IC
Flutter kicks x 25 IC

Celebrating my name day and we did exercises to understand what F3 does. The POAS allows for the 6 to remain a part of the group without us having to go back for them. The partner assisted pull ups remind us that we need our brothers to pick us up from time to time. The partner weighted merkins give us strength so that we can drop that dead weight on our back. The partner assisted sit ups are there because your mother can’t always tell you to sit up straight … sometimes your brother needs to. And in the end, we did some leg strength exercises so that we are always ready to kick butt and take names.

Boys, YHC is on fire for F3 and that’s a big reason why we are in the Azalea Festival Parade. Meet at Snipes Elementary at 0715 this Saturday. It’s gonna be epic.

Beauty shared that he prayed he could participate despite knowing he had a job to do … the job called yesterday and delayed the move, so he’s in on the parade AO.

Prayers of thanks, for His Grace in nudging me from that tree and introducing me to F3. Prayers for continued growth of F3. Prayers for first responders and their family.

Skins: Thanks to SOL for the EC run. I’ve been slacking on my run days, but its obvious he’s cruising at a good pace these days – it was good to chase him along. T-Claps to Fire Marshall Bill for offering up a crisp Benjamin if he fart-sacked one more time. That new business trailer is lit – did y’all know FMB has started a pressure washing business? It was good to see Zoro after a long absence. Magnito – I can see your improvement, keep posting. Blue Steel, thanks for always being so positive.

Always an honor;
Gravity out


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