F3 Topsail’s “The Bowsprit”: May 18th!!!

F3 Topsail’s “The Bowsprit”!!!

I am excited and highly motivated to announce the launch of the newest AO in the area. We are going to expand up into the Topsail area, starting with a brand new AO in Hampstead, “The Bowsprit”.

HARD LAUNCH: May 18th at 0700. We will meet at The Kiwanis Park in Hampstead. Coffeeteria to follow.

SOFT LAUNCH: May 11th at 0700, same location. Coffeeteria to follow.

We are looking for a strong showing from F3 Cape Fear those days. So if you are available, drive on up and show everyone what F3 is all about, and why F3 Cape Fear is the best F3 Region. Bring your 2.0’s as well.

We have a strong pull for us to expand up there, and hopefully this seed will grow into a new Region, F3 Topsail (Hampstead, Surf City, Topsail Beach, and North Topsail).

Get the word out to all your friends in those areas that we are coming up there. Spread the word, stoke the fires, and nurture the seeds so we continue to grow.

Contact SpinDoctor with questions or send inquires to F3topsail@gmail.com.

Also, I would like to welcome Chris Painter (Soon to be FNG) @Chris Painter, and welcome back @huggiebear66, as we get this going.


Over and Out!




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