F3 Run Convergence

Date: 3-30-19

QIC: Special K with Sooner (5k and post race workout) and Hush $$$ (POC for 10k)

AO: Hugh McRae Park Convergence

PAX: 11

5K- Sooner, Happy, Milkman, Niles, Blue Steel, Footy, Spare Rib

10K- Hush$$$, Hoverround, Windmill (Welcome, an FNG no more!)

Half- Special K


20 Side straddle hops IC

20 Cotton Pickers IC
20 Imperial Walkers IC

30 Arm Circles IC

The Thang:

Pax all started at the same time from slightly different starting locations pushing themselves as they ran the distance of their choice. Objective was to post a time, workout for next few months, run same distance in fall, see measurable growth! Thanks to the PAX who came out this AM. Absolutely perfect running conditions! Shout out to Sooner and Hush$$$ for stepping up and being the POC for the 5 and 10 Ks. Also strong work to the PAX that finished the 5k and took part in the abbreviated beat down by Sooner until 8am! See yall in the Fall for round 2!


When we do Round 2 in the fall, COT and TAPS must be done prior to the race start to include 10k and 1/2 Pax

Thank you Lord for keeping all the PAX safe today while running the courses that included cars, that is the trade off for our steep cost to register I guess of $0.00

Be with the Band of Brothers, continue to keep them safe and injury free as they push forward at Black Beards Revenge! Absolute beast mode!




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