QIC: KnucklePuck

16 Pax: Magnito, Spin Dr, Dino, Wapner, BTB, Offering Plate, Baby Back, OTC, Bogey, BallBearing, Ivan Batts Sparky Respect, EOM, Waterboy, Snail Mail, 10 Count

Warmerama: SSH x 50

Imp Walker x 25

Cotton Picker x 25

The Thang:

Indian run to market street entrance, Partner dora in baseball field parking lot 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBC partner runs to designated spot while other performs exercise

Run back to flag at every speedbump escalator Robert Craft Merkins adding one at each speed bump 3 Burpees at every double speed bump

Moleskin/COT: Prayers for Waterboy to keep everything rolling in a positive direction.

Prayers for the India ministry that is facing some large hurdles with injury and sickness.

Prayers to all men and women in uniform.  All prayer requests spoken and unspoken.


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