Icing on the Cake!


QIC: Sir Mix A Lot

PAX: Franks, Crepe Face, 8 penny, Crosswalk, Niles, Stouffers, Tiny Tank, Moab, Sunshine, R-X, SOL, Tombstone, Hootie, Crocket,


·       30- SSH-4 Count

·       20 – Imperial Walkers – 4 count

·       20 –  Cotton Pickers- 4 count

·       1 –  Niles Cotton Picker

·       15- Merkins – 4 Count

·       15 –Plank Jacks- 4 count

·       15 Mountain Climbers -4 Count

Welcome Back Sunshine!!!

Today’s back blast is going to be pretty quick because YHC needs to pack for the race tomorrow! Strong work by everyone stepping up today and calling cadence for the first time. It is never easy to push yourself outside your comfort zone, but at the end that is where the real growth takes place.

The Thang:

Mosey to the back parking lot for a little DORA123.

·       Exercise 1- 100 Merkins

·       Exercise 1 – 200 LBC’s

·       Exercise 1 – 300 Squats

Mosey to the Pull up bars!

Pull up race!!!!!!!

Break up into teams of 5, and line up on the pull up bars. First team to 100 pull ups wins in honor of the F3Capefear ultra team knocking out 100 miles tomorrow…. Losing team gets a present From YHC.

There was a photo finish from the last two teams, which makes me think the “winning team” might have modified the exercise a little too much….

Mosey back to the flags for a little Mary!


25 –American Hammers- 4 count

15- Hello Dolly’s – 4 count

Moleskin/ COT

Prayers for all men and women in uniform

Tri-Mindfulness Triathlon march 31st 2019- Reach out to BTB with any questions.

Prayers for Stouffers new journey in his career and allow him the strength to finish.

Make sure to donate any money you might have for the Ainsley’s Angell Chariot- See 10COUNT for any questions.

Prayer request for Beauty’s, Crepe faces, and Franks, neighbors. Allow them all to get the healing and medical care that they need.

As always it a privilege to lead!

Sir Mix out!


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