The French invade Battleground

Date: 3-27-19


AO- Battleground at Halyburton park

Pax: Beignet, Bonespur, Chewie, Crepe Face, Crosswalk, Hush Money, Milkman, Pony Express, Special K, Spin Dr, Sooner, Sunshine (#1 or #2?), Trump, and Ugly Stik

The calendar says spring, but the pax still look cold.  Regardless, they fought the fart sack and won, so let’s give them their money’s worth.  Let’s find some pain and chaos!


Seal claps IC x 51

Imperial walkers IC x 30

Cotton pickers IC x 20

The Thang-  

We did a little pearls on a string, running the loop of the park, stopping at each bench for a new exorcise.

5 burpees.  

Stack on 10 merkins

Stack on 20 Bobby Hurleys

Stack on 30 Carolina Dry docks

Stack on 40 squats

Stack on 50 LBCs

At each stop, do shoulder presses waiting on the 6 before the pax proceed to next stop.

We then continued the trail, taking one exorcise off of the stack at each stop.

We got down to 5 burpees, 10 merkins, and 30 carolina dry docks.

The next bench was oh so close to the flag, so we did 10 burpees and 20 merkins.

Then we reversed course and went back up the ladder.

Lots of mumblechatter and a potential revolt was discussed, but the pax hung with me.

We made it back up to the 40 squat stack, before we had to cut off the exorcises and do an Indian Run back to the flag for time.

No time for Mary.

CoT – Prayers for my good friend Stuart Smith as he is having heart surgery Friday.  Several other prayers were mentioned that I did not write down, but the Sky Q knows who they are.   

Mole Skin- There have not been more French at a US battleground since LaFayette was interning for the father of our country.  I’ll cross at battleground with you anytime CrepeFace and Beignet.  Sooner created a surge in Battleground numbers with his clowncar.  Tclaps to your leadership brother.  Milkman, it is impressive that you posted the day after your VQ.  Many pax need a moment, but not the Milkman.  Bonespur, great to see you back in the gloom, even if it was just to get some free labor to move your fence.  Special K is making the Run Q work this weekend.  Way to step up and make that happen.  Sunshine, always bringing the sunshine.  When we get you back into shape again, stick around for awhile.  Yep Stik, I am quite sure that workout felt familiar.  It’s the greatest form of flattery.  Chewie, Pony Express told me you loved running and to run as much as possible today.  Strong work.  You saw that Huck Finn wasn’t there.  Crosswalk, it feels really great to give birth to an AO doesn’t it.  This one is doing well.  Hush Money and Spin Dr are knocking out the AOs.  We better get the #Oar ready.  Trump, you know you are one of my favorite millennials.  I always love it when we post together.  

Thanks for the opportunity.  Thanks for pushing me and making me stronger.

-LETC out

LETC out


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