Mostly leg day & watch out for that tree

Date: 3-28-19

AO: Break Point

QIC: Hush Money

# of PAX: 9

PAX: SOL, Gumtree, Magnito, Morpheus, Seahorse, Mayhem, Enron, Nancy Pants, Hush Money

Warm-o-rama: SSH * 25 (IC), 4-count Merkins (aka Hush Merkins) * 15 (IC), Mountain Climbers * 20 (IC), Windmills * 20 (IC)

The Thang: Pearls on a String around the new parking lot. Exercises: 30 American Hammers (IC), Lunge the length of the parking lot, 30 Carolina Dry Docks (OYO), and Supermans–hold continuously while 6 PAX give a 10 count. Mosey to the swing set the back way. Partner up for Dora 1-2-3. One PAX runs to the shelter and back while his partner does the exercise; then switch. Exercises: 100 Swing Inchworms, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs. NOTE: only one PAX was injured during this exercise. Morpheus was struck on the forehead by a sneaky tree branch. Like the beast he is, Morpheus pushed through and completed all exercises. Keep the same partners for a 10 pull up and 20 dip swap off. Mosey to the brick building for People’s Chair–hold while all PAX give varying speeds of a 10 count. Walk to the tennis court for a round of 11’s: Plank Jacks & Jump Squats. Mosey back to the AO.

COT/BOM: Reminder about signing up to participate in a workout during the Azalea Festival Parade. Prayer of thanks to God for allowing us to be physically active. We pray that God will continue to grow us into better men, fathers, husbands, and leaders.

#F3CapeFear #BreakPoint #BackBlast


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