Instruction Problems

# of PAX: 10

PAX: Beauty, Ugly Stick, Snickers, Baby Daddy, Clear, Bosley, Cannoli, Brady, Jewel (FNG), Foxtrot

QIC: Foxtrot


15 Pass Through’s w/ PVC.

15 Good Mornings w/ PVC.

Figure 8’s w/ kettlebell – about 15 +/-..

Around the World w/ kettlebell – about 15 +/-.

The Thang:

PAX form 3 teams.

Team 1 | Completes a lap around the Leland Municipal Park – about a .5 mile loop.

Team 2 | Does a circuit featuring the Concept 2 Erg (Rower)

  1.             PAX 1 rows 200m.
  2.             PAX 2 does push presses w/ 25lb. kettlebell.
  3.             PAX 3 does lunges w/ 2, 25lb. kettlebells.

When PAX 1 is complete, the 3 PAX switch exercises, repeat.

Complete as many rounds as possible until Group 1 finishes their loop.

Team 3 | Does a circuit featuring the Farmer’s Carry

  1.             PAX 1 goes across the lawn and back carrying 2, 25lb. kettlebells or DB.
  2.             PAX 2 does Wall Balls w/ 20lb. Med Ball thrown to 10’.
  3.             PAX 3 does kettlebell swings.

When PAX 1 is complete, the 3 PAX switch exercises, repeat.

Complete as many rounds as possible until Group 1 finishes their loop.

When Group 1 completes its lap, all groups rotate to next station.  .5-mile loop is the circuit that sets cadence for rotation. All groups rotate through all stations and loop.

Shoot for 4 laps.  All PAX completed 3 circuits/loops.


Partner Up.

Kettlebell Taps while in high plank position.

PAX 1 places kettlebell in front of him while in high plank position.  PAX 2 runs across lawn and back. While PAX 2 runs, PAX 1 stays in plank tapping kettlebell handle in front with alternating left/right arm & hand.

Rinse and repeat x 4.


Thanks, Leland, and Snickers for being wonderful hosts.  Beautiful little AO over the bridge offering lots of options for a great beat down.

Welcome FNG, Jewel, who came to the gloom through Beauty.

Some EC was had by Snickers, Ugly Stick (who threw out the offer), and Baby Daddy.

YHC was challenged to provide accurate instructions and thought, out loud, that maybe this AO needs some pre-reading before the Monday beatdown.  On second thought, YHC owns responsibility for being concise and clear – so will work on that.

All PAX had fun with circuits and the Rower.  Over 4,000 meters were put on the Erg which was in continuous use for nearly 30 minutes.  Also heard some fine complements on the Wall Ball – about a minute straight with a 20 lb. med ball thrown to 10’ from squat will get the heart rate going.

Thanks to Tombstone who, as neighbor to YHC, casually said early Sunday morning, “Oh, you are Q’ing a kettlebell workout.”  Without that heads up, this morning would have looked much different.

Prayers for Flo and Gary who are faced with some tough medical and surgical challenges associated with cancer which require healing and support for changes in their lives.

Prayers for all of the unnamed “neighbors next door” who are in are heads as we think of who need prayers.

Check out Slack for all of our events and opportunities to serve.

Prayers for all who wear a uniform.

Strong work by all.  Thanks for coming out!  Honor to be the Q. Thank you!

HAAD! | RLTW! | Foxtrot out.


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