Friday Fun

# of PAX: 26

PAX: Gravity, Mr. Kotter, Beauty, Donut, Sunshine, Morpheus, Houdini, Crosswalk, Crepe Face, PSB, Glow Stick, Niles, Mayhem, Last, Busted Grill, Witch Doctor, Wrecked Ralph, Trump, LETC, Venus, Ugly Stick, Tiny Dancer, Gulliver, Mr. T, Nancy Pants, Foxtrot

QIC: Foxtrot


20 SSH, IC

Teams of 3 w/ PVC

Pax # 1 does 15 Pass Through’s w/ PVC
Pax # 2 does Hillbillies until Pax # 1 is done
Pax # 3 does Cotton Pickers unit Pax # 1 is done

Rotate through the 3 movements, EA gets turn w/ PVC

15 Copperhead Squats, IC

Mosey to pull-up bars in teams of 3 – at pace to share a bit about the week/weekend.

Overheard a lot of March Madness banter.

The Thang:


Complete 25 squats, 20 merkins, 15 walking lunges, 10 knees-to-chest (or 90-degrees) while hanging from a pull-up bar.

Then, complete a lap around the south loop of HMP road.

Rinse and repeat 4 times completing about 2 miles.

When complete, PAX break into 2 groups.

Group 1 takes left shoulder of road & Group 2 takes right shoulder of road. Laying down in a line, each group completes a das loop (variation on Indian Run). While PAX completes loop, all PAX laying down in line do WWII sit-ups. Continue until all PAX have completed at least one loop.

Then, stay in groups, Indian Run back to flag.

More Mary | 51 Flutter Kicks, IC.


Strong work by 26 PAXs. My GPS recorded about 2.5 miles.

Some PAX got in a 5k as EC.

Strong work by a few PAX who completed 5 laps – I think it was Mr. Kotter and Tiny Dancer and a couple of others.

Learned that Niles shopped for furniture on St. Patrick’s Day – Patty O’Furniture. Since it is 2019, I’m sure the Patty O’Furniture was environmentally friendly – green as some say.

Really moved in our announcements by the opportunities we have to give back and help – from school clean-up, to painting tiles, 3/31 event, and more – read the website.

Prayers for a friend recovering from a cancer procedure that will change a pattern of life.

Thanks to BG for sharing story of family who chose the heartbeat 16 years ago and today provides a young man with joy that is given away.

Prayers for all serving in any capacity and any uniform.

Strong Work!!! Honor to be the Q. Thank you!

HAAD! | RLTW! | Foxtrot out.


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