Broken Bricks on Route 66

QIC: Tiny Tank

Date: 3-22-19


# of PAX: 7

PAX: 8Penny, Chicken Noodle, Crockett, Moab, R-X, Tiny Tank, Tombstone

No matter what some pax might say about 8Penny, we can at least all agree he’s a beast. Sure he might whine about the weather occasionally but when your numbers are low, you’ll take what you can get. So thanks for showing up and boosting the SE pax count for today 8Penny!

Warm Up:

25 x SSH IC

20 x Hillbillies IC

15 x Cotton Pickers IC

15 x Merkins IC

20 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC


Mosey to the middle walk between the baseball fields for Route 66.

Route 66

Lunge walk for two sidewalk cracks and the perform 1 x Mike Tyson. Lunge walk for two more sidewalk cracks and then perform 2 x Mike Tyson. Continue until 11 x Mike Tyson’s are completes for 66 total reps.

Short mosey around the pavilion and Route 66 again with Bear Crawl and Bobby Hurley’s.

At this point we were by the old coupon shed which the Eagles are no longer aloud to store our toys at. Luckily for the pax, there is still a hidden stash of goodies in a few of the nearby bushes. Grab a cinderblock and carry on to Flamer’s Wall.

Dora 1-2-3

Partner up. Pax 1 performs exercises with block as pax 2 throws block as far as possible and the performs a Burpee where it lands, picks it up and throws again for 5 burpees/throws. Pax 2 runs back with block and pax flip flop. Exercises are 100 x Squat press, 200 x kettlebell swings, 300 x block curls.

Mosey back to flags for COT.


Strong work by all!

Sign up for a spot to Q April.

Tiles for Smiles this Saturday from 2-4 at the NICU garden. Great cause and an opportunity to show some love and support to some F3 brothers who’ve spent some time with 2.0’s there.

Advisory council meeting on 3/25

The Month or Mix is coming to a close, but don’t worry another Screaming Eagle has you covered in April. Get ready for the Tombstone Toar!

Always a pleasure to lead!

Tiny Tank


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