Welcoming in Spring


Date 03/20/19


AO: Stingray


QIC: Bam Bam


# of PAX: 16


PAX: Spin Doctor, Bob the Builder, Grandmaster, Waterboy, Mathlete, Snail Mail, Shakedown, Sparky, OTC, Knuckle-Puck, 10-Count, Bogey, Barnacle, Etch-A-Sketch, EOM, YHC




  • Seal Clap – 30
  • Deconstructed Burpees
    • 10 Copper Head Jump Squats
    • 10 Copper Head Chuck Norris Merkins
    • 10 Hip Skiers




  • Mosey to Rock Pile, with each PAX grabbing a small to medium sized coupon


  • Turkish Get-Ups With Coupon – 5 Per Side, OWO


  • Mosey to Picnic Shelter with Coupon and Partner Up for AM(GF)RAP


  • 15 min AM(GF)RAP


  • Choosing AMRAP over Dora today as the Focus is on form, good form, not number. We’re all here for each other, but the only person we’re here to beat is ourself.  So go as fast as possible while keeping good form but no faster.  If and when you burn out modify your exercise, but not at the expense of form.
  • Partner A performs exercise while partner B performs Lunges with Twists Around Shelter.Lunges involve moving the coupon in a circular fashion from one side to chest level (arms extended out) back down to other side, in rhythm with lunge movement.
  • When partner B completes travel around shelter, partners join together and perform 10 Good Mornings with Coupon held tight to chest. Partner A then proceeds to Lunges while Partner B proceeds to AMRAP Exercise.


  • AMRAP Exercises:


  • 1stRound – Derkins. Once burned out switch to Chuck Norris Merkins until burned out.  Then traditional Merkins.
  • 2ndRound – Dips until burned out. Then Incline Diamond Merkins.
  • Rinse and Repeat until 15 min up.


  • Mosey to the Pull-Up Bars


  • 10 min AMRAP 2
    • Partner A completes exercises while Partner B completes Lion Kings.
    • 3 Isometric Holds – Do whatever you have to get up to the bar, then hold as long as you can.Followed by 15 upright rows, slow, chest to bar.
    • Lion Kings (start with coupon tight to chest > squat down and lower coupon to ankles (careful not to round back) > raise coupon tight to body and thrust overhead while moving to standing position.


  • Mosey back to the rock pile to drop off coupons and then on to the COT.
  • Spin Doctor led Pickle Pumpers in the brief time left for Mary



  • Count-orama
  • Name-orama
  • Announcements –
    • F3 Topsail (or is it F3 Topsul ???) – Soft Launch April 27th, Hard Launch – May 4th
      • Looking for HIMS to commit to help launch the next addition to the AOs (See Spin Doctor for more details – More to follow)
    • Fort Fisher Ruck – May 4th! 26 miles of rucking fun, to help support the Community Boys and Girls Club. Food and drink after the ruck (More to follow)
    • Ainsley Angels – Lets keep the donations coming for a great cause!
  • Prayer Requests
    • Prayers for Reece, Etch-A-Sketch’s girlfriend’s niece, as she continues to recover from Meningitis
    • Prayers to Spin Doctor in his continued pursuit of quality employ
    • Prayers to Shakedown’s father, in hopes for successful surgery, and may he overcome his struggles with Osteomyelitis
  • 15 Pax joined me on my 44th and helped me in welcoming in spring.  I am grateful.  Thank you, gentlemen, for joining me and allowing me the opportunity to lead. It was and is an honor.  Bam Bam out.


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