Thanks Mom & Dad!


AO: The OG_AO at HMP

QIC: Tom Sawyer (Bday Q for #52…RESPECT)

PAX: (28)  Kryptonite, Tadpole, Milk Man, Wreck it Ralph, Tiny Dancer, Niles, LETC, Ugly Stick, Sooner, Hush Money, Dixie Chick, Jiffy Pop, Mayhem, Hoveround, Flight Nurse (under ruck!!), Atari, Baby Daddy, Pony Express, Capt. Stubing, Cody Hynes (FNG, now known as Splash), Beauty, Gavin Teets (FNG, now known as Nacho), GlowStick, Gumtree, Gravity, Snickers & YHC.   NOTE: A Pax posted and I could not recall name but needed to bugout during the workout….my bad.

Mission of F3 is to Plant, Grow & Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. Aye!

Our 5 Core Principles are:

1) Free of charge,

2) Open to all men

3) Held outdoors — rain or shine or heat or cold.

4) Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary. YHC discussed the fact that YHC is NOT A PROFESSIONAL! Exercise at your own peril and modify/scale where needed.

5) Ends in a Circle of Trust

NOTE: I am certain that in my delayed arrival Special Advisor to the Nan’tan, LETC, covered the above without missing a beat!

The Warm Up:

Ummmmmm………………….slight problem here.  There was one…I am certain.  However, I was trying to get my leg into my shorts during the 2 minutes of over sleep panic at my home.  So………not really sure.

Countorama….27 and NO Tom Sawyer…NO TOM SAWYER…..IT’S HIS DAMN BDAY Q….HE’S THE ONE THAT SIGNED UP FOR IT!!!  Man o man is he going to hear about THIS.  Pax headed to Pull up bars in partners and lead under the able command of LETC.

The Thang

Ummmm….something about DORA and running over the bridge and pull ups and merkins and step ups.  Looked real god, BUT wait……out of the thick gloom…..could it….might it…….there are lights…….it is a Black Honda Pilot… IS…..Damn, Tom Sawyer and his dramatic, late entrances!!!  After clearing things with the QIC and securing our numbers….we moved in a different direct with YHC at the helm for his Bday Q!

We continued in teams of 2 (never leave your partner). While partnered up we found out a new and interesting fact from each other’s childhood to be shared in the COT. Lack of follow through will result in burpees after class!

At the pull up bars:

10 Pull Ups

15 Incline Merkins

20 LBC’s

Run down to bear crawl bridge and BC across and down the bridge for:

5 Burpees

10 incline merkins

20 dips

Run to steps and up, down & up again and then run back around to pull up bars for rinse and repeat.  Circled back for the 6 to keep moving and YHC thinks we got 3 reps in….maybe.

Mosey to HMP main entrance for young vs. RESPECT jailbreak competition.  RESPECTS started about 5′ – 10′ 🙂  in front of the youngsters.  All took off at the same time to the AO to see who would arrive first?????  Well…….thanks to Tiny Dancer, and Niles, pretty close to him, they held off Beauty…..the RESPECTS are now 2-0 at this friendly competition.  Not for long as Beauty is getting faster!!!


Some Interesting facts about the PAX:  Back in the day LETC not only ate eggs…he threw them and MHC’s finest did not take a shine to that nor did his folks; Capt. Stubing got T’d up coaching his youngest girl Avery’s Halo Hoops bball team… 3 weeks ago….. and fortunately no chairs were tossed and profanity was not involved.  But he needed to get them motivated :).  Ugly Stick…..well he would have enjoyed growing up in Colorado…hahaha.  So, YHC’s parents went to take a short nap @ 53 years ago, having already had 3 girls and not planning to grow the Pitt Clan, and 10 months later….yep the heir apparent comes onto the scene and that has been almost 52 years ago!!  Thanks mom and dad, I love you!

Counterama – Yep we have the same amount AND….2 FNG’s.  Well done Beauty!!

Nameorama – Yep…..all looked real good and props to Tadpole and FNG Nacho on… THE HAIR!!

YHC Prayed us Out

Honored to have lead you fine HIM’s for 34 minutes today!!  You all motivate me more than you will EVER know!  TS




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