Shamrocks and Shenanigans

Date: 3-18-19

QIC: Special K

PAX: 15

Seahorse, Chewy, Mayhem, Morpheus, Jiffy POP, Hagar, Babyback, Wapner, Krammer, Poney Express, SOL, Gumtree, Violation, Fancy pants, Special K


The Leprechaun Leaps x 25 IC

Lucky Charm Gatherers x 25 IC

Arm circles x 40 IC

The Thang: Celtic Warrior Workout

PAX get an Irish Bell that will challenge them

Station 1: Front Squats

Station 2: Walking Lunges

Station 3: Calf raises

Bounding Burpees

Station 4: WW2s

Station 5: Leg Raises

Station 6: Lawn mowers

Bobby Hurley’s

Station 7: Shoulder Press/ Tricep EXT

Station 8: Bench Press

Station 9: Upward Row/ Bicep Curls

*Run w Irish bell- sets pace

Mary: NA


Ansleys Angles- donations being accepted thru F2 foundation

Prayers for strength and healing for Seahorses friend and her family!

Prayers for SOLs friends, help them adapt in a tough situation and provide them w guidance with children!

March 30, Run Convergence at Hugh McRae! Going to be a great opportunity for Pax to get out and run their best time, and set the mark for a time they can improve on!

Welcome Hagar and Fancy Pants! Hope to see y’all again real soon!






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