Beware the Ides of March

Ides of March 2019


QIC: Blade & Niles (aka: Biles)

# of PAX: 17

PAX: YHC didn’t record the Nameorama & can’t recall all who were there…

Part workout & part history lesson. Niles provided the history lessons, YHC was in charge of the sweat.

44 BCE Gaius Julius Caesar was assassinated during a senate session in Rome on the Ides of March. Our history lessons will focus on things we can glean from Julius Caesar.


SSH x 25IC

Cotton Pickers x 15IC

The Thang

Indian Run counterclockwise around the pond to the pull-up bars.

Cross the Rubicon:

In 49 BCE Caesar crossed the Rubicon to enter Rome and establish a new government. We crossed the Rubicon by partnering up and:

10 pull-ups / 15 dips

Run down and across the “Rubicon” to Goose Poop Island

5 Burpees / 10 step ups or jumps

Rinse & Repeat x3

Mosey through the trees & darkness to the tennis courts for:

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day (4 Corners Escalator)

Merkins x 10

Squats x 20

LBC x 30

Burpees x 10

Mosey back to the flag for Broga & a final history lesson.


Remember, there’s always someone wiser than us out there. We’d do well to listen to them. Learn from Julius Caesar, don’t be too proud.

Prayers for family and friends needing healing.

Remember Ainsley’s Angels fundraiser. See Slack for more details.

Sorry for the late Backblast…

Until next time



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