Really ???


QIC: Sir Mix A Lot

PAX: ????????????????

Well YHC hopes the fart-sack was nice and warm this morning. I truly hope you got all the beauty sleep you needed and are refreshed and ready to start your Saturday on the right foot. However while you were dreaming about merkins, YHC was getting after it at Iron Island!


You will never know how I warmed up, I’m not going to tell you, but it was amazing!!

I hope you already feel like you missed out on a great time, because you did!

The Thang:

I cried in cadence “it’s a good core workout” because nobody wanted to post with me. After my sobbing I decided to switch it up and try something else.

Second Exercise-

I ran really far really fast, turned around and came back to the flag. At one point I thought I saw Tiny Tank’s Jeep. Maybe I was hallucinating due to not having anyone to talk to.


Moleskin/ COT

Prayers for all men and women in uniform

Prayers for Fire Marshal Bill’s Family in their time of need.

Prayer request for Beauty’s friend at UNCW who’s child has been diagnosed with cancer.

As always it a privilege to lead!

Sir Mix out!


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