8 years of meeting HIMS across the Nation

29 brave got themselves out of the fartsack to follow the gimp around WB.

Pax: Check the vid


Get the blood flowing with: SSHx50, Imp Walkerx50, 5 Burpees. 2 lines, run to Harbor Island for some quiet squats and lunges.

Mosey to Live Oak for 3-man grinders. Exercises included mountain climbers, Freddie Mercuries, American hammers, hand release merkins.

Mosey to beach for Jacob’s Ladder. Could only go 7 because of the clock and how long it took Busted Grill to get to the beach. Lock arms and walk into ocean. Kind of a cluster, but we knocked out 7 or 8 squats. Put shoes back on and run back to basketball court. Speaking of basketball, Duke blows. Mary led by various Pax, Sooner, TS, Blue Steel. COT.


-Helluva day to be outside busting it at the beach. Perfect temps, perfect location, and perfect dudes to hang with.

-Lots of groans about getting wet this morning. Had to pop the cherry.

-Busted grill was grumpy again. #angermanagement

-Impressive how this group was able to keep their traps zipped on Live Oak so we didn’t get yelled at…again.

-Having this knee injury definitely makes me appreciate F3 more than ever. When trying to EH guys, I always explain how great it is to start the day this way. It is so true after having just missed several weeks.

-Had a large handful of 2.0s in the gloom this morning. Impressive. Blue grass, thanks for bringing 5 or 6 of them! #familyofathletes

-I have had the privilege of participating in F3 for 8 years, and just like when I started, I can’t say enough about the men in this group. What a tremendous thing we have, let’s not ever take it for granted.

‘Til next time,




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