Stingray Burpee Free Workout

Date: Ides of March

AO: Stingray

QIC: KnucklePuck

#PAX: 20

PAX: Offering Plate, Fourteener, Snail Mail, Sparky, Shakedown, Magnito, Venus, SpinDr, OTC, BamBam, WaterBoy, Bogey, Dino, EOM, 10Count, Wapner, BTB, Barnacle, EtchASketch, KnucklePuck

Warmerama: SSH x 30, Imp Walkers x 20, Cotton Pickers x 20, Silent 21’s SSH in Cadence we all go silent at 5 and end together on 21 if anyone doesn’t stop we do 10 Burpees OYO

The Thang: Speed  bump time again run to gate at Market St entrance 1 Burpee at single bumps 2 Burpees at doubles LBC’s in multiples of 5.  5 LBC’s at first bump 10,15,20 you get it a lot of LBC’s.  Mary at end wait for six.  Turn the beat around and head back 2 Burpees at single bumps 4 Burpees at doubles.  Robert Craft Merkins at every bump starting with one and adding one at each bump.  Mary waiting on six lead by the one and only DINO glad to have you back!  Finished with a Circle Burp of course!

COT/Moleskin: Pray for Reese with Spinal Meningitis for a speedy recovery, pray for EtchASketch and his Internship offer and big changes ahead for him, remember Ainsleys Angels fundraiser, Military, first responders and all request spoken and unspoken.

It was a pleasure as always to lead today!!



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