Pick ‘Em Up, Put ‘Em Back

DATE:  March 14, 2019

AO:  Break Point (Empie Park)

# PAX:  7

PAX:  Seahorse, Cannoli, Gum Tree, Bootlegger, Magnito, Mayhem

QIC:  Morpheus

WARM-UP:  Seal claps x 15; cotton pickers x 15; IOUU x 10 (new exercise, compliments of Messi; start in superman, sweep hands back above gluts, sweep hands forward to superman making an “O”, raise elbows straight back in a “W” pinching shoulder blades together, extend arms forward to Superman/”I” position; slow 4 count per cycle)

THE THANG:  Mosey out front of park to 9/11 and firemen’s memorial at fire station for 20 ea. dips, inclined merkins, and derkins

Mosey to parking lot by tennis court for laps to fence and back.  1st PAX back calls an exercise and then picks a number of laps from 1-5 until next exercise.  Exercises included v-ups, the world’s worst merkin, merkins, burpees, monkey humpers, man-maker merkins, and others

Mosey to tennis court for Pick ‘Em Up, Put ‘Em Back.  Split into two relay teams.  4 tennis balls are located one each in baseline corners of farthest tennis courts.  Team holds peoples chair on fence while 1 team member runs to tennis ball of choice, does 10 merkins and returns with tennis ball.  Once 4 people have run, there are no more balls; so, put ’em back – reverse applies.  Team to replace all balls and complete merkins first wins.

Rinse and repeat – wait for it – with crab walk to balls.

COT/Moleskinz:  Cannoli – good push and thanks for crossing the bridge

Mayhem:  5 laps was a bold call, Sir

Seahorse:  I am not sure that touching poles and grabbing balls would have been the best name for this backblast but thanks for the suggestion

Magnito:  Strong work and the correct call on 1 lap

Gum Tree:  Excellent crab walk technique and speed

Bootlegger:  Great to have you back in the gloom

Congrats to Bootlegger, Cannoli and Seahorse for winning the relays with one less team member

Prayers for those in need of healing, including Cannoli’s Grandmother and Seahorse’s friend in RAL

It is an honor and a privilege.

Morpheus out


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