American beauty

Backblast Post: American Beauty


Q: Beauty

PAX: Mr.Kotter, Spin Doctor, Hoveround, Blade, Buckshot, Gulliver, LETC, Captain Stubing, Milkman, Happy, Wreck-it-Ralph, Stouffers, Bottom Line, Tom Sawyer, Sooner, Nash, Gumtree, Fire Marshall Bill, Gravity, Tiny Dancer, Mayhem, Dixie Chick, Beauty


20 Cotton Pickers – 4 Count

50 Side Straddle Hop – 4 Count

25 Little Baby Arm Circles – 4 Count

25 Bicycle Kicks – 4 Count

The Thang:

Mosey to the Loop to meet American Beauty. Friendly introduction with PAX while forming groups of 3. The following exercises were done in rotating fashion until we met our next destination. Some tunes meant to inspire were played including Eye of the Tiger and the Star Wars Theme Song.

First PAX: 20 Merkins

Second PAX: Two Legged Hops

Third PAX: A little stroll with American Beauty

PAX occasionally breaking for a little Mary at particular humps in the road

Rotating Exercise in Group of 3:

Exercise 1: Al Gore

Exercise 2: Plank

Exercise 3: 10 Pull Ups

Continue Stroll with American Beauty and groups of 3 in rotating fashion with the Final Countdown blasting in the background.

Mosey back to the AO with a break away mixed in

Some Mary just for fun

Balls to the wall

10 Shoulder Taps – 4 Count

10 Merkins – 4 Count

Hold Balls to the wall with Sooner 10 count

Return to parking lot and finish with some Mary


Prayers: Healing for Captain Stubing’s Father in Law (the clear example of a HIM) who has cancer. His name is Tom Cunningham

Hoveround’s friend Dave has stage 4 brain cancer, prayer for healing. Had radiation treatment yesterday.

Bottom Line’s friend Sheryl has lost 2 brother’s to overdose and has had other rough things happening in the family.

LETC’s family member is looking for some direction and he hopes he can get him out in the Gloom.

Fire Marshall Bill mentioned the Chief of the Atlantic Beach Fire Department died in a skiing accident and his son Adam witnessed it. Prayer for Adam, family and community.

It was a pleasure gentlemen, thanks for staying in the fight with me during my VQ,



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