Pay the Toll – Pollen Edition

12 March 2019

AO: Run Forest Ruck

QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 12 (11 runners / 1 rucker)

PAX: SOL, Sweatervest, Money Gun, Morpheus, Hoveround, Nollie (FNG), Nutmeg, Mr Kotter, Fatback, Daggerboard, Seahorse

No excuses, YHC hasn’t posted in quite some time. Time to pay the toll…


SSH x20 IC

Cotton Pickers x15 IC

The Thang

Run BG’s Loop, pay the toll after each lap…


5 Burpees

10 Merkins

20 Squats

40 Plank Jacks


Freddie Mercury x 25

Dying Cockroaches x20

Plank hold – all PAX 15 count

COT / Moleskins

Plank Jacks x 40 was a bad idea… Oh well…

Strong work everyone, all PAX covered 3+ miles.

Raising funds to purchase chariot for Ainsley’s Angels. See McFly, 10 Count, or a Site Q.

Prayers for Hoveround’s friend battling a brain tumor.

Thanks for the privilege to lead.

Until next time…



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