Cupid Shuffle and More

Date: 3/11/19

AO: Monster Factory

QIC: Sparky (R)

PAX: Sooner, Milk Man, BuckShot, Happy, Bunya, Snail Mail, EOM, Spin Doctor, Bob the Builder, Frosty Pupil, 10 Count, LETC (R), Snoopy, Magnito (R), Fourteener (R), Mathlete, BamBam, Shakedown, Tough Jumper (R) Raleigh, Water Boy, All About that Bass, Flounder, Barnacle


Gave the normal disclosure

The Chinook X 20 IC

Plank Jacks X 20 IC

Cotton Pickers X 20 IC

X-Cross Sit-ups X 10 IC

Imperial Walker X 20 IC

Formed 2 lines and did the Cupid Shuffle (After YHC figured out how to get the music playing)  Look it up, it’s lots of fun



Q directed PAX to find a partner close to their fitness level, then grab a coupon out of the truck.  The coupons were pier pilings cut in various lengths.

Mosey over to the track by the pond for further instructions.

YHC tried to give clear directions for the Tortoise and the Hare BOMBS, modified, around the pond but some were not clear, but it all worked out.  Here is how it goes:

P1 starts with doing the exercise while P2 walks or lunges with the coupon.  Once P1 does the number of reps he catches P2 and switches.  Each partner is to do each exercise and number of reps 5 times before they move to the next exercise.

Exercises were:

5 – Hurpees (Hand release burpees) X 5 times (Total 50 per team)

10 – Outlaws X 5 times (100 per team)

15 – Merkin X 5 times (150 per team)

20 – Big boy sit-ups X 5 (200 per team)

25 Squats X 5 (250 per team)

YHC and his partner were on the big boy sit ups when I had to call an audible, don’t think anyone complete the whole routine, time was up.

Audible called, mosey back to the flag.

YHC read from Eph 5:22-33 With discussion on how a man should treat his M (wife) with great input from other PAX

YHC mentioned how each person, Husband and wife, needs to give 100% and not 50%-50% and that your M (wife) should be held in a higher position than your best friend.



  • 10 Count reminded everyone we are in the process of raising funds to purchase 4 Ainsley’s chairs and donations are being accepted. Fund raising opportunities and fund raising letter will be available soon
  • Frosty Pupil talked about how he is glad he found F3 and how he loves the push from the brothers and how they pick him up when he needs it.
  • Prayers for PAX and families


Thanks to all who come out to support my 31st wedding anniversary Q.  It’s always an honor to lead.



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