Mix Loves Him some Kettle Bells


QIC: Sir Mix A Lot

PAX: AED, Claven, Brady, FNG- aka “Scrum”

5 PAX absolutely killed it today, in without a doubt the best AO in Brunswick County! I do have to admit that YHC hates Kettle bells with a passion, so when the opportunity came up for me to lead a workout in Leland with kettle bells involved, I jumped on it like a spider monkey! Let me be completely honest … I Hate hate hate kettle bells, nothing about these heavy things is any fun!!!….. But with that being said lets go ahead and finish the Black blast.


  • 30- SSH-4 Count
  • 20 Hill Billys -4 Count
  • 20- Merkins – 4 Count
  • 20 Mountain Climbers -4 Count

The Thang:


Well since it is Heavy Metal Monday I guess we have to do a little heavy lifting with my personal favorite exercise equipment the Kettle Bell.

Exercise 1- American Hammers with Kettle Bell

Exercise 2- Triceps Extensions

Exercise 3- Rows

While partner 1 is doing the exercise partner 2 moseys to the cones “about 60 feet” and returns picking up where partner 1 leaves off. Rinse and repeat until all repetitions have been completed.

Great warmup… Now let’s do this thing!

Escalating Orange Cones-

So basically every cone has an exercise, but you make sure to repeat the exercise you just completed on the previous cones. For example the first cone you preform exercise one, second cone exercise one and 2, Third cone exercise 1,2 and 3 and so on until you have completed all the cones on path pathway of death!!…..I just made up that whole “pathway of death” thing but its sounds good right?

  • Exercise 1 – Merkins x 10
  • Exercise 2- LBC’s x20
  • Exercise 3 – Plank Jacks x 30
  • Exercise 4 – Bus Drivers x 40
  • The Desert!! Exercise 5- 50 Kettle Bell Swings

This best part about this is it is an AMRAP Exercise “as many rounds as possible in the given time frame” for all you non CrossFit peeps. So you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth.

Made it back to the Flags just in time for COT, but unfortunately no Mary. Next time Fellas!!


Moleskin/ COT

Welcome FNG SCRUM!! I promise it gets easier…. Or you will get stronger.. one of the two is bound to happen at some point…I think

Great job to all the PAX who ran the Wrightsville Beach Marathon!

Prayers for all men and women in uniform

Prayers for Fire Marshal Bill’s Family in their time of need.

Prayer request for Beauty’s friend at UNCW who’s child has been diagnosed with cancer.

As always it a privilege to lead!

Sir Mix out!


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