Thunder Thursday: The Gravity Situation

Date: 03/07/2019
# of Pax: 4
Pax: 10 Count, EOM, Magnito & Gravity
QIC: Gravity
Weather: Dry & Cold … really cold
Sound Track: The Very Best of Van Halen

After a little setup, we learned it was 0531 and time to start.

Welcome, mission, creeds, intro, disclaimer

SSH x 25 IC
Mosey a parking lot lap for a quick warmup (T-Claps to EOM & 10 Count for getting in an EC 5K I think)

Atlas Stones:
We set the Atlas stones up in a straight line. Each Pax will complete a Roman Dead Lift (“RDL”) in cadence. The PAX closest to the Atlas Stones will pick one up and put it down next to the Pax next to him until all stones are all the way past the last pax. Then pass them back … that one stone though.

The Thang: Tabata Stations
6 stations, 8 sets per station, 20 seconds per set, 10 seconds of rest … 20 seconds of rest between stations.

Station 1: Calf Raises with 30#s
Using the 2×6, well … do calf raises holding 30#s.

Station 2: Half Curls with 30# KBs
4 sets from full extension to half way up, 4 sets starting at halfway, all the way up.

Station 3: Dead Lifts
Using 2 – 35# KBs

Station 4: Triceps Extensions w/ 20#s

Station 5: Inverted Baby Makers with Ruck
Laying on the ground, put your heels on the fancy cooler. Get up on your hands and do a glute bridge.

Station 6: Bench Press w/ 2 – 30# KBs
Laying on the ground, bring your elbows to the asphalt, and complete the press with a KB in each hand.

Time: 0606: Let’s go do sprints
From the median in the center of the parking to the parking curb and back, and again – that’s one … complete 10 of those, one Pax at a time.

COT: T-Claps to 10 Count’s efforts to raise money for a sled and Ainsley’s Angels. First F3 Cape Fear gift was from a 16 y/o Pax – Happy. Who’s Motivated? Strong work by you both.

BOM: Prayers for military and first responders. Prayers that each man within the sound of my prayer stop during the day with a level of curiosity as to what God is doing in their lives at that very moment.

Skins: After multiple visits, I had an exclusive monster factory workout with the guys who put the MONSTER in monster factory. Strong work even if I caught one of you resting during the Tabata break in the fetal position.

Always an honor and joy: Gravity


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