Ruck Yeah!!


QIC: Sir Mix A Lot

PAX: Last, Beauty, Chowder” FIA” and Coco our four legged friend.

Warmorama: Its rucking time baby, you should have already stretched let’s get it on!

The Thang:

I really wanted to just get in some miles with some weight today. So as soon at 6:00pm hit we took off with rucks and a team weight in hand, our first mile was clocked at 6 min, and we only got faster from there. The team weight weighed around 200-215lbs and was wrapped with barbed-wire and broken glass to make it fun.

While we were on the move Ninjas came flying by with motorcycles and a chain and tried to take Last out at the knees. The ninjas didn’t count on Last and his will to keep moving forward. With his ruck on his back and team weight on his shoulder, Last ripped the ninjas off their motorcycles and saved the rest of the PAX working out. Strong work brother! The ninjas embarrassed by defeat ran off into the sunset.

I didn’t get an exact distance of miles rucked but the estimate was around 400 miles plus or minus 1 or 2.

Great job today! And keep on rucking!!!


Moleskin/ COT

Wrightsville beach marathon this weekend, Convergence at HMP if you are not running. But you should be running.

Prayer request for Beauty’s friend at UNCW who’s child has been diagnosed with cancer.

As always it a privilege to lead!

Sir Mix out!


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