Gorillaz in the Cold

DATE: 3/06/2019

AO: Hugh MacRae Park

QIC: Tiny Dancer

# PAX: 13

PAX: SOL, Glow Stick, Seahorse, Last, Hahvad, Mayhem, Big Sky, Pet Shop Boy, Eight Penny, Morpheus, Gravity, Wreck-It Ralph

13 PAX defeated the warm fartsack to make themselves stronger on a frigid March morning.


Seal clap X 30
Plank Jack X 25
Merkins X 15
Imperial Walker X 20


Route 66 – run around park stopping at every other light pole for a burpee ladder. 1 burpee at first light pole then add one burpee at every other pole up to 11 burpees. Finish at tennis court parking lot.

HIIT plyometric circuit
4 exercises, 45 seconds each, 15 seconds rest.
Apollo Ohno
Lateral bear crawl
Pogo jump
T merkin
Rest 1 minute after first round
Rinse and repeat for 3 rounds

Relay race
Split up into teams of 3(one team of 4)
Start at base of the field
One person runs to first tree
Long jump burpee to parking lot
Crabwalk across parking lot
10 wall jumps and 20 Derkins
Bear crawl back across lot
Backwards run back to team
Next guy goes
Rest of team does cumulative exercises while waiting
200 Merkins
200 squats
200 Bobby Hurley’s
200 LBCs

Tennis court
Partner up for balls to the wall suicides
One partner holds BTTW while other run suicide


Prayers and good luck to all those running the marathon/half marathon this weekend
Tri-Mindfullness Triathlon 3/31- details on slack or see Tiny Dancer or Wreck-It Ralph
SOL – strong work for solo EC on a cold day- you are going to kill it this weekend
Last- great to see you and you new age sweat pants
Big Sky – you have taken the red pill and are becoming a regular
Great work by all today – thanks for pushing me
Thanks for the opportunity to lead

Tiny Dancer – out


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