Where did EOM go?


QIC: Sir Mix A Lot

PAX: Bob the Builder, 10 count, Snail Mail, Snowman, Water boy, Snoopy, Baby back, Pledge, Offering Plate, Magneto, SPIN Doctor.

Today it was a privilege to lead the Monsters from up north and personally be a part of the Monster Factory. I have to admit I was a little sad when I saw EOM running for his vehicle when I showed up. I guess he was a little scared of what “The Mix” had in store for him. Fortunately there were a few other High Impact men that were ready to get their sweat on and YHC was not going to disappoint.


  • 30 SSH 4Count
  • 20 Hill Billie’s 4Count
  • 15 Merkins 4Count
  • 20 Mountain Climbers 4Count

That’s enough warmup let’s get it on!


The Thang:

Run on over to the only parking lot I can see for a little Burpee action! Who doesn’t love a couple burpees on a Monday morning?

The First Exercise – “11’s”

  • Preform Burpees on one side of the parking lot and run back and complete WW2 sit ups at the other. Both exercises must equal 11 starting with one repetition and adding one more rep per revolution.
  • Strong work by everyone especially Jiffy Pop! You motivated the hell out of me today with your ability to dig deep and keep pushing through the pain! #BEASTMODE

Line back up!!

Mosey back to the Basketball courts the same way we came in with an Indian run. I wasn’t keeping track of our mile times, but the word on the street is we were knocking out 4 minute miles. J

Exercise #2 – Give me five!

  • 5 pull ups
  • 10 dips
  • 15 merkins single count
  • Run around the lake and rinse and repeat

This exercise is completed as quickly as possible in the given time frame, or AMRAP for you CrossFit peeps.

This exercise was a complete shock as I realized that what I thought was a decent pace, was only quick enough to get lapped by the one and only BTB. Strong work brother!

Moleskin/ COT:

Prayers for Fire Marshal Bill and his Family in their time of need.

Prayer request for the family of Crocket’s neighbor who is have heart issues and currently in the hospital.

We are going to start taking donations soon for Miracles in motion, to purchase a new push cart for races. This is such a good cause that F3 could really provide much needed support for.

Wrightsville beach marathon this weekend!

Prayers for all the men and women in uniform.

As always it’s a privilege to lead!

Sir Mix Out-


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