Trail of Tears

DATE: 2/28/2019

AO: Battleship

QIC: Tiny Dancer

#PAX: 10

PAX: Niles, Hoveround, Fatback, Mr. Kotter, Daggerboard, Money Gun, Gravity, Wojo(F3 Greensboro), Dixie Chick

10 PAX come out to the downtown gloom to enjoy the warm weather on the last day of February.


SSH X 25
Imperial walker X 20

Let’s get started. Indian run to the top of the parking deck.


At one end of the parking deck feet on the wall for derkins X 25
Bear crawl to the other end of the parking deck
Balls to the wall X 30 seconds
WWII situps X 50
Bear crawl back
Partner carry to the other end
Flapjack and come back
Derkins X 20
Broad jump burpee to the other end
WWII situps X 40
Run back across deck stopping at each light for 5 merkins
Backward bear crawl across deck
Run/merkins back
WWII situps X 30
Crabwalk across deck
Back to the bottom of the deck sprinting on the flat and mosey on the downslope

American Hammer x 25

“That was the worst workout of 2019” said Daggerboard after COT – I’ll take that as a compliment
I have to acknowledge our brothers in F3CHURHAM, this was the workout when I was visiting there a few weeks ago and it sucked so much I thought “I have to bring this home to Cape Fear”
Welcome Wojo from F3 Greensboro, always good to see you when you are in town
Check out the F3 American Yammer podcast out of F3 Greensboro
Strong work by all this morning. hope you got your money’s worth
Thanks for letting me lead

Tiny Dancer


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