Date: 2/28/19

QIC: Special K

PAX: 6

Haaavaaad, Morpheus, Seahorse, Gumbtree, Prius, Special K

Extra Credit: Special K- mile mosey starting at 5 and ending at 527


Cotton pickers: 20 slow IC

High Knees: 20 4 count IC

Butt Kickers: 20 4 count IC

Air Press: 30 slow IC

The Thang:

Indian Run the outer perimeter of Breakpoint to parking lot by the Playground


100 merkins

200 squats

300 LBCs

Partner hops one fence runs across parking lot hops other fence 2wice and runs back

Playground: Station work OYO

Station 1 rows x 25

Station 2 Decline merkins x 25

Station 3 Step ups x 25

Station 4 Mountain climbers (2 count) x 25

PAX completed 4 sets

Mary: PAX lead: Flutter kicks, hello dolly, low plank, imperial walkers, 10 pull ups oyo

Mosey to AO


Gumbtree and Seahorse shared stories about their 2.0s, and how they want to lead workouts at home and at school, even to the degree that nicknames are given out! It is great to see F3 making that kind of impact!

Oyster roast this Saturday night at/on Warlick Dr. 6pm

Run Convergence on Saturday March 30 at HMP. Distances that will be covered include 5k, 10k, Half Marathon. 7 am start!

Closed in COT w Prayer

PAX got Stronger, gained Stamina, and Speed while becoming Tuffer both Mentally and Physically!



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