Date: 2/28/2019

AO: #F3Stingray – Thursday Thunder

QIC: Wapner

# of Pax:  13

Pax: Tom Sawyer, 10-Count, Magnito, Pledge, MilkMan, Happy, EOM, OTC, Violation, Waterboy, Frosty Pupil, Barnacle, Wapner


  1. ATMs (plank position: 15 Alternating Shoulder Touches [IC], 10 Tempo Merkins [IC], 10 fast Merkins)
  2. Moroccan Night Club
  3. Copperhead Squats
  4. Chaturanga to Up Dawg to Down Dawg x 10

The Thang:

  1. Juggernaut-Bucket Brigade Circuit – Pax split into 2 groups. 1 Pax picked up 2 kettlebells and performed lunges from starting point to cone and back. While 1 Pax was lunging, the other teammates lined up shoulder-to-shoulder on different steps of the bleachers and the top Pax passed the Atlas Stone down to next man, who passed it along the line. Once top Pax handed off the Atlas Stone, he ran downstairs to the end of the line to receive it again. Once at the bottom, we repeated going back up until the Pax finished his lunges. We cycled through until all Pax had lunged twice.
  2. Lt. Dan-Manmaker Circuit- We partnered up with P1 doing 1 squat followed by 4 lunges (alternating legs) in ascending order (maintaining the 1:4 ratio) all the way up to 5 squats and 20 lunges. P2 did manmakers (dumbell Merkin followed by right arm and left arm rows. Jump feet in then bring the weights up to shoulders while squatting and shoulder press at the top) until P1 finished
  3. Relay Race – We split into 2 teams to perform a farmer carry relay race with each racer carrying 2 KBs down 2 medians and back.

COT: Tomorrow is Magnito’s VQ followed by our Q-Source discussion at Ruth’s. On Saturday, we have (1) the Miracles in Motion run event at Olsen Park starting at 9am; (2) Iron Sharpens Iron conference at College Acres Baptist Church (might still be able to get Tix); and the 1st Annual F3 Oyster Roast. We’re still looking for volunteers for the Glow 5k and 1mi fun run on 3/8. @Hoveround is the VP of the Board for a non-profit called Health Possible, Inc. They are the sole benefactor of the 5k race and he needs a minimum of 10 F3 volunteers. Prayers for the youth of the world, we live in turbulent times. Praises for OTC’s 1yr  F3 anniversary.

The F3 Mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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