SE Dora & OYO’s

Date: 02/27/2019

AO: Screaming Eagle (Veteran’s Park)

QIC: Punky

# ofPAX: 5 Hooch, 8-Penny, Tink Tank, Tombstone, YHC


SSH – 25

Cotton pickers – 25

Imperial Walkers – 25

Leg Lifts – 15

Flutter Kicks – 15


Mosy’d from AO to the side shelter that’s on the way to coupon building (which is no longer). Stopped at that shelter and set up for Dora. Have pax partner and perform the following, one pax doing the exercise while the other runs to the 4th light pole and back and alternate to accumulate the excersice.

Merkins – 100

Step ups – 200

LBC’s – 300

Hold Mary while waiting on the six.

We then mosy’s to the pull up bars by way of the pull up bar expressway. Once at the pull up bars had pax do the following OYO and alternating back and forth between the exercises.

Pull ups – 5 sets of 5 reps

American Hammer’s – 5 sets of 25 reps

Hold Mary while waiting on the six.

We then mosey’d back toward the AO and hung a left and at the mid way shelter to the paved road on the side past the fields. Then had pax sprint and mosy every other tree along the road. Held Al Gore at the end after sprints, then mosy’d back to AO.


Countorama, Nameorama, Announcements

Hooch mentioned that the High school might be able to let Screaming Eagle store there coupons at the storage shed by the track for now and is looking to see about the football field as a closer location to the AO?

Prayers for all first responders, service men and woman oversea and here. Thank for for brothers in Cape Fear F3 community. Prayers for those that are currently struggling.

It was a pleasure to lead!! Strong work by all!!

Punky out!


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