4 Corners of Fun

AO: Hugh MacRae Park (HMP)

QIC: Hush Money

# of PAX: 18

PAX: Tiny Dancer, P Doc, Gravity, Jiffy Pop, Morpheus, Pet Shop Boy, Radar (visiting from Burlington), Glow Stick, Seahorse, The Adjuster, Laloosh, Wreck-it-Ralph, Snickers, Happy, Tadpole, Milkman, Sooner, Hush Money

Warm-o-rama: Seal Claps * 20 (IC), Windmills * 20 (IC), 60 second plank & 30 second elbow plank – 9 PAX count off to 10, Nancy Kerrigans (both legs) * 30 total (IC)

The Thang: PAX formed two lines and Indian ran to the pull up bars. Partnered up – one PAX does 10 pull ups while his partner does 20 dips; then switched. Mosey around the pond. Once at the intersection start doing LBCs. After taking a short break to make way for a car, we finished out the LBCs * 20 (IC). Mosey to the swings. Get in groups of 3 for the next set of exercises: 20 Swerkins (OYO), 20 Jump squats (OYO), and a 60 second plank. Each PAX rotates until he completes all three. Mosey to the tennis courts for 4 Corners. Corner #1 is the Luge * 20 (OYO). We make our way to the next corner by crab walking the first half, then moseying the rest of the way. Corner #2 is the Merkin * 20 (IC). Bear Crawl to the next corner. After reaching the next corner, the Q forgot to call for the next exercise, but luckily, Snickers reminded him. Thanks Snickers. Corner #3 is Mountain Climbers * 20 (IC). The PAX get to the last corner by doing lunges to the halfway point, then mosey the remaining distance. Corner #4 is the American Hammer * 25 (IC). Mosey to the AO. Last exercise is the Slugger: one lap around the parking lot followed by 10 Diamond Merkins, one more lap followed by 10 Merkins, and one last lap followed by 10 Wide Arm Merkins.

Mary: Imperial Walkers * 20 (IC)

COT/BOM: Count-o-rama–everyone made it through the end of the workout. Name-o-rama, Announcements, Prayer request–several events coming up including an F3 presence in the Azalea Festival, and a rucking event at Fort Fisher on 5-04-19. Shout out to Radar from Burlington joining us this morning! Shout out to Happy for getting the Big Board done (7 in 7), and to Seahorse for putting another mark on the Battle Board (20 in 30)!


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