Backblast Post: Hush Money VQ Hugh MacRae Humpday

Date: 02-20-19

AO: Hugh MacRae Park (HMP)

QIC: Hush Money

# of PAX: 25

PAX: Pet Shop Boy, Glow Stick, EOM, 8-penny, Pony Express, Chewie, Gumtree, Wreck-it-Ralph, LETC, Sooner, Milkman, Laloosh, Tiny Dancer, Crosswalk, Tom Sawyer, Special K, Mayhem, Niles, Beauty, PDock, Kryptonite, Seahorse, SOL, Big Sky, Hush Money

Warm-o-rama: SSH * 20 (IC), Cotton Pickers * 20 (IC), Mountain Climbers * 20 (IC), LBCs * 20 (IC)

The Thang: PAX formed two lines and Indian ran to the pull up bars. Partnered up – one partner did 5 pull ups while the other did 10 burpees; then switched. Mosey to the small parking lot next to the pond. Lunges for about 60 seconds. Mosey around the pond, then do 20 Bear Crawl Merkins (IC). Complete mosey at AO. At the AO form a COP for 20 Rosalita Wips (IC). Mosey to the wall for a round of 11s – Step ups & Merkins. Still at the wall PAX form a COP for 20 Alabama Ass-Kickers (IC) on each leg. Everyone had so much fun doing 5-count Catalina Wine Mixers * 10 (IC). Finished up at the wall with 20 Squats (IC). Returned to AO for some Mary.

Mary: American Hammers * 20 (IC), Flutter Kicks * 20 (IC), and PAX choice (led by Wreck-it-Ralph) Cross Country Skiers * 20 (IC).

COT/BOM: Count-o-rama–all 25 PAX made it through the workout, Name-o-rama, Prayer requests–several people known to PAX dealing with various types of cancer; prayers for healing and restoration. Niles mentioned that Witchdoctor needs the prayers of the F3 Nation right now–safe return to home soil. Shout out to Seahorse for getting that OAR done! Shout out to EOM and Milkman for signing the BIG BOARD! Shout out to Big Sky for making it back to his 2nd workout! Looking forward to seeing you again brother.


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