RBFR – Fartlek to beat the Fart Sack

QIC: Bluegrass

Date: 2/19/2019

# of Pax: 5

PAX: Brady, SOL, Lucky, Minivan, Stretch


I had a cup of coffee….not sure about the other guys.

The Thang

We rolled right into the run and quickly circled back for Brady who was rolling in hot!

Just under a mile in we started our fartlek of 30 seconds at a sustained pace. Then backing it down for 1 minute. We did the 30-on-1-off for around 1.75 miles until the railroad track turn around.

On the way back..into the wind of course…we held a steady pace and completed the run for a total of 4.5 miles.


No Mary this is a run day!


Prayers for Snickers who rolled his ankle while on a mission trip in Mazatlan, Mexico. Speedy recovery!

Prayer for our military and first responders.

Strong work SOL, Stretch and Minivan on the way out…leading the group the entire way. Just running away from the rest of us…I didn’t realized I smelled that bad yo.

Lucky pushed the pace on the way in…again into the wind of course…good to see you in the gloom again.

Brady it was a pleasure chatting with you in the rear…let’s go get that oar!

Bluegrass out!


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