4th Quarter Comeback


4th Quarter Comeback Back Blast
Date: Oct 5, 2018 – Jan 4, 2019

# of Pax: Started with 11, finished w/ 7
QIC: Gravity

By late September, YHC had just lost 30 pounds when I had thought to myself; “this is boring by myself, I wonder who else would like to change their lifestyle and lose weight together?”

So, I put it out there, several folks approached me and said, “I’m in.” The planning begins.

Goal: To change lifestyles so that coming out of the holiday season we don’t have a bunch of dudes in reset mode … but accelerating.

Starting Point: we asked for several things – some were voluntary.

1) Weight
2) Waist size measured at the belly button
3) A1C3 score
4) Total Cholesterol Score

Not everybody was bringing #s 3 & 4 to the party, so we called an audible the first day and measure blood pressure just before the workout to determine if everybody was good to go. I also built a spreadsheet for tracking, so if Pax from other regions want to copy this, not a problem, I can give you the overview in a 10-minute phone call.

The Results:
The 7 pax that stayed in the program lost a total of 53 pounds and 14.25 inches.

For the record: YHC lost only a half a pound but I did lose 1.5 inches at my waist.

Biggest Losers: Trump & Wapner (19.5 & 18 pounds respectively).

The I Need New Pants Award goes to:
Trump’s waist shrunk 3.5 inches.
Wapner lost 2.25 inches.

Other notable wins:
Special K lost 8 pounds and 1 inch in his waist.
Mayhem and SOL combined lost 3.5 pounds but get this: they both lost 3 inches in the waist. They may have been sucking it in when they got that last measurement.
Niles lost 3.5 pounds through a very difficult season, given the stress of his brother’s illness. Initially, he was our biggest loser, but this is evidence of the impact stress & travel can have on our bodies.

Regarding #4 above:

YHC’s Total Cholesterol fell from 195 to 159. My last set of labs did not have a Hemoglobin score – but I’ll update that when it gets updated.
Overall, super proud of the guys that participated.

Helpful tips:
1) Write down your goal and write down your starting point.                                                 2) Pick a day of the week to measure regularly                                                                           3) Be realistic – this is a new way of life – not an event.
4) Build a support team. Make sure the M is on board, get the kids into it, get a weight loss buddy … after all, that’s what the 4th Quarter Comeback was – a group of guys after the same goal.
5) Remember the age-old tradition still works – calorie deficits lead to weight loss.
6) Pick a diet plan and stick to it.
7) When eating out; tell your server what your goals are and if they are knowledgeable, they can help. If they don’t know how to answer, get a garden salad with oil & vinegar dressing or change venues.

Always an honor: Gravity


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