Burning Love (keep the tip)

DATE: 2/14/19   

AO: Breakpoint

QIC: Mayhem

PAX: Niles, Gumtree, Hush Money, Havard, Kramer and the Q Mayhem

6 HIM showed up in the gloom for a valentines beatdown at Breakpoint


30 SSH

20 Cotton Pickers

High Knees

Mountain Climbers


Indian run to swing set and partner up.  One partner does 10 inch worms the other 20 merkins then switch and do 3 sets.

20 Squat jumps –  run to the end of parking lot 10 Burpees run back 20 Sumo squats – lung walk to the end of the parking lot 30 shoulder taps

Rinse and repeat but lung walk instead of run

Plank till it burned!  Then we did it a little longer…then a little more

One PAX ran to a spot 20ish yards away on the way back to the AO when they stopped the rest of the PAX sprinted to that spot and were lead in an exercise.

We did: Pickle Pumpers, Bridge (Reverse Pickle Pumpers), Hundreds, Bear Crawl, American Hammer


WWII situps X 20


I am grateful everyday for the F3 HIM in my life that continue to inspire me to be better.




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