No Hairspray or Makeup at the Pain Factory


Q: Flounder

Pax: 10 pax made the decision that hairspray, makeup and the glam life of being on TV was not their speed.  Rather…pain to be felt tomorrow was much preferred!

Bam-Bam, OTC, Wapner, Snail Mail, Sunshine, Nozzle, 10 Count, BabyBack, Geiger

WarmUp: 25 SSH, 25 Mountain Climbers, 50 Little Baby Arm Circles (both ways)

The Thang: Quick mozy to the picnic shelter.

AMRAP: 10 minutes of 3 exercises; Knee touch squat jumps (10), Merkins (20), Crunches (20).  Started the clock and went through each exercise with each rep until the 10 minutes were up.  Crunches consisted of right, center, left.

10 minutes is a long time! Mozy to running track around the lake.

New Thang: Carterican Indian Bear Crawl Run.  Yup, you got it.  All Pax start out just like an Indian Run but with a Bear Crawl instead.  The Indian will complete 5 Merkins then run to the front and begin to Bear Crawl.  Rinse and repeat until all Pax completed a round.  This took us to the pull-up bars

AMRAP: 10 minutes of two exercises; Pull-ups (10), sit-ups (until partner finishes 10 Pull-ups).  Partner up.  Start out with one Pax completing 10 pull-ups while the other did as many sit-ups as possible.  We varied the sit-ups.  Started with V-ups, then Big Boy sit-ups, then American Hammers.

10 minutes is a long time!

Carterican Indian Bear Crawl Run back to the picnic shelter.

Sundial Merkins; 2 sets with a 1 minute plank in between.

Finished up with a run around the lake and a bleacher run then back to the AO.

COT/Moleskin: Reminders of the 50/10 challenge, Get Outside Mtn Relay, and new AO coming this spring to Autumn Hall area.  Prayers for employees mother who is recovering from brain aneurysm surgery and OTC’s little brother with rehab.

It was a good workout, no time for Vanity.

Flounder Out!


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