Not BTB – Spartanesque Training

Stingray – 2/11/18

EC Run – at 4:55am – 10 Count, Baby Back, Chop Shop, EOM


Kryptonite, 10 Count, SOL, Barnacle, Baby Back, Snail Mail, Nozzle, Pledge, Beauty, Sundance (FNG aka Joey Connolley), Gulliver (FNG aka Joe Harty)

QIC: EOM – BTB had to take care of little man Tate through the night, who has been sick.  Feel better Tater Tot!


Side Straddle Hop – X30 IC

High Knees – X20 IC

Cotton Pickers – X20 IC


Mosey to the Pullup Bars.

3 Rounds of the following:

  1.  10 reps of inverted rows with legs wrapped over top of dip bars
  2. 20 merkins of any variation at the pavilion (as Wapner calls it – everyone else calls it the picnic shelter)
  3. 20 reps of curls with medium to heavy coupons at coupon pile
  4. 10 pullups at the OG pullup bars

Mary and catch up with the 6

Mosey to the Tennis Courts

1 lap around the outside of the tennis court doing the following:

  1.  Mountain Climber crawl between the 45 degree cut-outs in the fence
  2. At the 45 degree cut outs complete 5 single leg dips on each leg, continue this the entire length of the tennis courts.
  3. Once we got to the with of the tennis courts, we lunged to the next corner and proceeded with steps one and 2.
  4. When all pax finished their lap they backwards lunged to the 6 and all finished together.


Divided PAX up into even teams sprinted around the tennis courts – relay race style!

My team lost, but a strong effort was given by all.

Mosey back to the AO


FNG – Joe Harty – Glad to have you today brother.  Strong work out there.  He is planning on doing some traveling in the very near future doing some missions work so he was given the name “Gulliver”, which was great, because he had no clue how his name came about. He’ll have to do the research on Gulliver’s Travels

FNG – Joey Connolley (Beauty’s Brother) – F3 name is “Sundance” – He is in film and Beauty says he is a film genius.  Sundance gave me the highest compliment as the Q today, when he Splashed Merlot during the COT.



for Beauty and Sundance’s mom who recently started PT for a hip injury.  Praying for quick and speedy recovery so she can get back to herself again.

Nozzle’s sister and her husband are going through some marital difficulties.  Prayers for safety and wisdom during this time.

Lots of PAX training for BIG races.  Pray that everyone stays healthy and makes wise choices in their training.


Spartan Race on April 7th – Sign up Now with a partner and save some serious Dough!  Ask EOM for the details or join the #Spartan2019 channel for more details!

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