Step Up

The following is based on a true story that happened Saturday Feb. 9th between the hours of 0700 and 0800 at Hugh McRae Park in Wilmington, NC. All resemblance to the actual happenings are wholly intentional. No PAX were abused or injured at the pull up bars during the non-filming (thankfully) of this story.

The PAX: 28 You know who you are. There is a namearama video somewhere in cyberspace documenting your presence. The last arrival, Heisenberg, possibly broke a long standing record for latest arrival at a workout, but sticking to scriptural principles, we gave him full credit.


Disclaimer: Expert status was denied and a selected PAX recited the F3 mission to perfection. Self-satisfaction will have to be his reward unless he chooses to step up and claim credit.

Warm up: 20 SSH IC, 20 cotton pickers IC, 20 lateral lunges IC (see past Wed. or Thurs. Wilm. Star News for details). 20 windmills IC.

The Thang: Mosey the long way around to the wall by the playground and start step ups waiting for the 6. Choose a partner who shares your love of one of the various wall heights. I got a little high techy here explaining that step ups were the DEfault exercise of the day. Flight Nurse grabbed the concept with lightening speed while others took a little reminding. So as the PAX are doing wall step ups I call out an exercise to be done then return to step ups. Refer to earlier opening statement if your memory varies from mine. 10 burpees, 25 uphill partner assisted sit ups, a lap around the now fenceless pond, bear crawl the grassy hill, 4 corners around the tennis courts with progressive (no reference to politics) 10-20-30-40  4-count flutter kicks at the corners, 20 heels to heaven, wheel barrows up the hill switching at the midpoint, 20 widearm merkins, 25 uphill partner assisted sit ups,  a lap around the fenceless pond, 20 4 count dogs IC, possibly some other stuff. A loving parting adieu was given to our wall spots with 25 dips. Circle up for 20 SSH IC and mosey to flag.

Mary: Sooner and his vanload took us out. It’s awesome to see his dedication and love for these leaders of our next generation. Happy, Bob Dole, Meat and one other I think led us thru Mary. Hypoxia caused me to challenge Sooner to kill us. Dutifully attempting that he called for warrior merkins. He failed in his lethal attempt only because about 99% of us did not finish with YHC scoring about 50%. Sensing all the hate being directed his way, I requested he say something nice to the PAX, which he did very maturely.

COT: Cardinal Strut next Sat, see Spin Doctor. Polar Plunge 2 weeks from today, see McFly. Prayers for PAX, praise to Jesus and thanks and protection to those who serve and protect us.

An honor and a privilege,



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