Birthday Balloons and Burpees

DATE: 2/6/19


QIC: Tiny Dancer

#PAX: 17

PAX: Mr. T, Hush Money, Mayhem, Morpheus, Kramer, Johnny Utah, Jiffy Pop, Pet Shop Boy, Glow Stick, Fire Marshall Bill, Gum Tree, Wrecking Ball, Flight Nurse, Snickers, Gravity, Blue Steele

17 Gorillaz showed up in the gloom for a birthday beatdown at the OGAO

Let’s get right too it with the ultimate warmup- Chumbaburpee!
SSH to the tune of Tubthumping with a burpee everytime you hear “I get knocked down”

Partner up and lets grab the birthday balloons aka heavy balls
Mosey to the pull-up bars
partner exercises, while one partner does an exercise with the ball the other does one without then flapjack

Lt. Dan with ball X 10
Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees X 10
Rinse and repeat

Ball Burpees X 10
Pull-ups X 10
Rinse and repeat

Mosey to bridge
Crabwalk with ball over bridge while other partner bear crawls

Step ups with ball X 20
Crunchy frog X 20

Dips with ball on lap X 10
Derkins X 10
Rinse and repeat

Crabwalk/bear crawl back across bridge

Lunge press with ball
Mountain climbers X 20
Rinse and repeat

Devin Hester – partner 1 has a 20 yard head start and partner 2 sprints to catch partner 1 in race to speed bump
Flapjack/rinse and repeat


Flutter kick X 20 – one partner holds ball – flapjack
American hammer X 10 with ball – flapjack


Ghost Flag continues to fly at the OGAO
Cardinal Strut 5K – February 16th – sign up under F3 team
Get Outside Mountain Relay info on Slack
Thank you all for the birthday wishes and joining me for my birthday Q. I hope you got your money’s worth.
I am grateful everyday for the F3 HIM in my life that continue to inspire me to be better.
Sorry this is so late

Tiny Dancer


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