UNCW Campus Tour


A total of 8 Pax for a great day of running at UNCW

Q: Flounder

Pax: Tiny Dancer, HoverRound, Morpheus, Niles, Tanenbaum, Heisenberg,  Cornhole

Warmup:  25 SSH, 50 Mountain Climber

The Thang:  It was a perfect morning for a run.  So, we opened it up a bit and ran the perimeter of UNCW then we ran through campus.  Along the way, I got turned around and was provided a running tour by T-baum and Morpheus.  Ultimately, we capped it off with a run up the parking deck.  There was a little time left when we returned so we did some parking lot sprints to finish the day.

COT/Moleskin:  I brought up the Get Outside Mountain Relay which is in May of this year.  Hoping to rally a team or two for that.  Prayers for friends of Pax, health and overall appreciation for F3.



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