4 Corner 40’s

Date: 02/04/2019

QIC: Stouffers!

AO: Screaming Eagle

# of PAX: 9 +1 Runner

PAX: Meatloaf, Franks, The Mountie, Tiny Tank, 8Penny, Tubbs, Crosswalk, Hoff, Stouffers. Hooch (The Runner)

Warmorama: 30 Side Straddle Hop, Arm circles to warm up the arms for the jello they will be turned into, and 30 Hill Billies (thanks for the correction Franks).

The Thang: Mosey a full lap around the “4 corners” to establish what exercises are to be completed at each corner. Corner one is the corner of the parking lot and sidewalk that leads towards the coupon pile. Corner 2 is the shelter closest the coupon pile. Corner 3 is the shelter just over the bridge and corner 4 completes the square at the final shelter. We snagged a coupon for each PAX on our mosey and dropped it off at corner #2. Exercises are all 40 reps. and both exercise are completed at each corner before taking a mosey to the next corner. Corner 1: Squats and Monkey Humpers. Corner 2: With coupon complete over head press and chest press. Corner 3: Mountain climbers and shoulder taps. Single count for both, so 20 each leg and arm. Corner 4: Merkins and dips.

Repeat until time. 8Penny almost made it around to lap us but we wouldn’t allow him as time to put up the coupons and head back to the AO came first.



TParty still recovering.

Chicken Noodle and Cannoli who just had 2.0’s.


Honor to lead such great HIM!



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