Groundhog Day #Baywatch

Date: 2-2-19


AO- Baywatch at WB park

Pax: Barnacle, Blue Steel, Bob the Builder, Busted Grill, Dino, Dixie Chic, Doubtfire, Footie, Hahvahd, Hoveround, Huck Finn, Last, Mathlete, Mr T, Narcan, Punky, Sprinkles, Sunshine, Tenenbaum, Tiny Dancer, Topsecret, and Wapner.

On Groundhog Day, 23 pax got to do it again – take the Daily Red Pill of doing the hard Right thing, as opposed to the easy wrong thing.  We build-in small amounts of pain and chaos into our lives to build Durability, so when the world’s pain and chaos comes our way we will be ready.  So let’s find some pain and chaos!

The weather and sunrise today were remarkable.  Temps started around 40 and were close to 50 and Mary.  The sunrise was spectacular.  We did see our shadow.  Apparently 6 more weeks of winter.  Just another day at #thebestAOinthenation.


SSH IC x 30

Imperial walkers IC x 20

Cotton pickers IC x 20

The Thang-  

All pax who have the ability to run an 8 minute mile, line up behind Wapner.  Several pax sandbagged, but ok.  The Wapner group does an Indian Run to the Wings bridge and back to the 6.  Rinse and repeat.

Everyone else does a mosey Indian Run to the beach.  

At the beach, everyone faces the sun and the ocean as we do a burpee, merkin fest.

5 burpees, 10 diamond merkins, 20 flutter kicks.

5 burpees, 10 merkins, 20 hello dollies.

5 burpees, 10 wide-arm merkins, 20 heels to heaven

5 burpees, 10 scorpion merkins, 20 box cutters.

5 burpees, 10 scorpion merkins, 20 alabama asskickers

10 burpees, 20 dead stop merkins, 40 LBCs

Wapner‘ s Indians regroup do their run back to the flag, and return for the 6.  BtB drags Huck Finn into the wapners.  

Rest of pax does mosey back to the flag.  Tclaps to Footie for returning and sticking with the 6.

Mosey to the tennis courts for a lively game of Team Dodge ball.  4 teams, 10 balls, total chaos.  Punky face planted into the net.  Dixie chic put a hole in his spandex (you’re welcome).  Busted Grill pretended like he didn’t know the rules.  YHC has no idea who won??

Back to the flag for Mary (Dino’s protractor).  That’s a wrap. 

CoT – Prayers for Tparty, as he is still struggling with health issues.  Prayers for McGyver and his back.  Next week, Baywatch is relocated to HMP, do to a race at WB park.  Y’all keep EHing, and keep taking the DRP. 

Mole Skin- Narcan, keep pushing brother.  Getting stronger everyday.  Footie, way to lead by being there for the 6.  BtB, sorry no Indian Run for the 6min milers.  You would have been solo.  Thanks for pushing Huck Finn.  Hahvahd, let’s get that Manhattan flag planted.  Blue Steel, we saw you sneak back into the game after you were out.  Doubtfire, keep the beard going and you might compete with Andrew Luck. #neckbeard.  Sunshine, you have a great name.  Thanks for bringing your light.  Tiny Dancer may have won the dodge ball game.  Just glad Mathlete didn’t slam anyone.  Barnacle, we need you on more weekdays.  Great to have you.  Hoveround, when are you going to run for mayor?  Tenenbaum, don’t sand bag the WM half.  Need you to be my rabbit.  Last, we can believe you LIFO’d the dodge ball?  Top secret, you are top secret to me.  We need to sit down and get to know each other.  It is always great seeing you.  And last but not least, having my 2.0 Huck Finn there makes my heart sing.  #ironsharpensiron

Thanks for the opportunity.  It was an honor and a privilege.  

LETC out


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